Our concern has always distinguished itself through the handicraft workmanship of our products, all created with accuracy and passion.
All our wooden manufactures, including the reproductions of works of art, are painted using colors in oil that allow to create the different chromatic and patinated effects in the final phase in order to obtain an ageing effect; for artifacts on ceramic tiles we apply a special and quite rare technique called “third fire” painting and –as for the wooden ones- we use pure gold for a precious finish.
Frames are entirely handmade, including gouging and the final wax polishing.
Also manual serigraphy used in the making of some of our products requires long working times, several repetitions (at least one for each color) and even a special attention to the weather when properly diluting colors.
Precision and patience are essential in our craft.
The final product can only be a high quality original, the way we always wanted.
Shop: Via Protomartiri Francescani, n° 90 - 06088 S.Maria degli Angeli - Assisi, PG - Italy